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The Electric Facial Massager is an anti-wrinkle product and excellent for therapeutic massages, with high vibration, helping to prevent aging, reducing facial wrinkles, firming the skin, removing the double chin, helping with the absorption of nutrients, eliminating excess toxins from the skin. skin, improves facial contour and stimulates facial muscles. Providing the skin of your face, a firmer, more youthful appearance and with a special care.


-Helps to prevent aging, stimulates the creation of collagen, leaves your skin healthy and renewed;
-Remove the double chin;
-Reduces facial volume, wrinkles and dark circles;
-10,000 vibrations per minute;

Approximate weight: 85g;
Dimensions: 14.3cm Height x 1.6cm Width.

-Use with an anti-wrinkle cream for best results.
-This device also helps to reduce discomfort during injection procedures sessions.


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