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The Mixer is ideal for micropigmentation and eyebrow design professionals, making product mixtures ideal for the procedure, using disposable, sanitary and economical mixing sticks.


Its small, elegant model features a robust motor that will mix your pigment quickly, providing a great texture when mixing pigments and hennas.


Used by professionals in micropigmentation procedures and eyebrow design, this mixer is the best way to mix your pigments more evenly, as it has disposable rods for mixing work that are easily exchanged.


-Small, light and elegant;
-More security;
-Disposable mixing rod;
-Easy handling;
-Robust engine;
-Fast mixing;
-Professional pigment mixing device;
-Ideal for micropigmentation professionals;
- Comes with 5 sticks for mixer;
-Powered by 2 AA batteries (Not included);


Black color.


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